Set Client seed

Lottery offers Provably Fair Gaming in that all win numbers are random, and immediately and independently verifiable.

How it works

We create a server 'seed' and client seed to generate our random numbers, then initial array of 6 winning numbers randomized with using combined seed.

The initial array of winning numbers made public before the spin as an encrypted SHA256 hash of the seed and the initial array.

You can set your own client seed, which effects the outcome of the win numbers.

When the win numbers showed, the array order can be verified to ensure it wasn't altered:

Use the following .PHP script to verify the outcome was indeed random

function fillArr($seed)

    $arr = [];
    for ($i = 1; $i <= 6; $i++) {

        do {
            $rand = mt_rand(1, 61);
        while (in_array($rand, $arr));

        $arr[] = $rand;

    return $arr;

$seed = crc32($serverSeed . $clientSeed);
$win_numbers = fillArr($seed);

$hash = hash('sha256', $seed . '|' .implode(',', $win_numbers));

Informations about payouts
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Check out informations about Client seed (optional) and also Provably fair